“To maximize success we’ve combined the unique talents of a quality Team who have dedicated themselves to excellence. That’s Redglaze Group.”

Dean Jessick, CEO
redglaze group

Redglaze Group is a network of companies bound together by a dedication to excellence. Every company boasts cutting edge technology and uniquely qualified experts in their field. Whether you need architectural products, technology packages or construction coordination, the Redglaze Group companies offer innovative solutions at every turn. Explore our website or contact us today to see how we can help your company achieve its vision.

sephora times square

Specialty Engineering of Brand-Supporting Architectural Design Concepts

RGI Image has mastered creative engineering to execute unique brand integration in architectural design. The diversity of our skills is extensive and we welcome new challenges. Learn More...

genwall sgh inc


Genwall is a complete exterior wall system that has been tested with select outer skins. Genwall Certified outer skins are designated with a “-G” when supplied by SGH, Inc. Learn More...

glass, metal, fabrication, sealant

Your Architectural, Engineering and Construction information in a single and well-organized platform.

Bitbasic serves Architectural & Engineering Firms, Architectural Product Manufacturers, General Contractors and Subcontractors. We provide multi-platform, customized software solutions to run your business. Learn More...